Economic Development and Activities

As part of Clark Energy’s commitment to the community, we work with local officials, the local Chamber of Commerces, and industry development organizations in their effort to recruit new industry and retain existing businesses and industries.

Clark Energy and its energy services partner, Envision, are continually working with industrial and commercial members to provide value-added services. These services include:

  • Power Factor Correction – CEC will measure the existing power and our engineers will conduct a PFC study that will help an industry make economic decisions as related to power factor correction.
  • Rate Evaluation – CEC can evaluate your company’s energy usage and demand requirements and determine the best rate or tariff for the facility. Our staff is available to make suggestions on how your company can operate as energy efficient as possible.
  • Power Quality – CEC works with its commercial and industrial members to evaluate and mitigate power quality issues.
  • Infrared Maintenance Services – CEC can provide infrared maintenance services of electrical equipment of commercial and industrial members.
  • Distributed Generation – CEC will work with any member installing distributed generation, emergency generators, or UPS systems.