Corporate Existence: To operate the Cooperative as an enterprise on a continuing and progressive basis in accordance with its charter and other legal and contractual requirements.

Electric Service: To assure the availability of high quality electric service in adequate quantity, that meets environmental standards, to all persons within the cooperative service area at the lowest practical cost consistent with sound business practices.

Member Relations: To keep member-owners informed on the affairs of the Cooperative and strive to achieve and maintain widespread understanding, involvement, and participation of the member-owners in the affairs of their Cooperative, and provide them with a real sense of ownership through the demonstration of cooperative principles and democratic processes.

Area Development: To stimulate and support rural area development programs, especially those which will increase and stabilize the economic level of the Cooperative’s service area, including those programs which will provide the greatest opportunity for the development of the most important resource—people.

Organization: To attain maximum beneficial use of available manpower, physical, and financial resources through sound organizational structure, utilization of improved methods of operation, new equipment and techniques, coordination, federated services, and a continuous program of self-evaluation and improvement.

Capital: To seek to develop adequate sources of capital for the system to assure that the Cooperative can carry out its full utility responsibility and its obligations as a corporate citizen and provide a means whereby the member-owners can help to build and maintain their Cooperative by contributing a reasonable amount of essential capital.