Payment of your electric bill is due on or before the due date printed on your bill. If payment is not received by the due date, a penalty of five (5) percent will be added to your account and a disconnect notice will be mailed. Accounts will be disconnected if payment is not made on or before the final payment date on the disconnect notice.

Clark Energy employees no longer collect payments in the field. If a Clark Energy employee comes to your home to disconnect service, a $30 fee will be added. If your service is disconnected, a $40 reconnect fee will be added to your account balance. The total amount owned on your account must be paid in order for service to be restored.

Clark Energy only reconnects service during regular business hours.

Levelized Billing makes your electric bill predictable. With this payment option, your monthly electric bill is a rolling average of your electric usage for 12 months. Although your bill will very slightly from month to month, it will take the extreme highs and lows out of your bill and there is never a settlement month.

In order to sign up, you must have received service at the same location for a minimum of 12 months and your account must be paid up-to-date. The sign-up period is March through October. Once you are enrolled, the only requirement to remain in the Levelized Billing program is to keep your account current.

Our Automatic Bank Draft service will save you time, postage and check costs by having your bill deducted from your bank account. Four payment due dates are available when you sign up. Approximately 10 days before your payment is due, you will receive a statement showing the amount of your bill and the bank draft payment date. This will give you sufficient time to be sure the money is available in your account. An application can be downloaded here or you can fill out the back of your monthly electric bill and send it in with a voided check.

Now you can pay your bill in three simple steps:

    1.  Dial the toll free number 1-877-562-5469; once answered press 2.
    2.  Enter your Clark Energy account number followed by #.
    3.  Follow the prompts. If paying by check, your bank routing and checking account numbers will be needed or you can pay by debit or credit card.


As always, you can pay your bill in person at any of our three office locations:

  •     Main office - 2640 Ironworks Road, Winchester
  •     Frenchburg offce - 28 Bible Camp Lane, Frenchburg
  •     Stanton office - 170 Halls Lane, Stanton

Night deposit boxes are located at all three Clark Energy office locations if you are not able to pay your bill in person during regular business hours.

To pay online, please return to the home page and click on one of the payment buttons in the top right of our page.

A mobile option is available for paying your bill. The SmartHub app can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple devices or the Play Store for Android devices.


By signing up for PrePay, there are do deposits no late or reconnection fees. Just pay as you go. Please contact our office at 1-800-992-3269, option 3, for more information.