Prior to starting engineering fieldwork, you must sign up for service by calling our office or coming to any of the Clark Energy locations in Winchester, Frenchburg or Stanton.

If you have not started construction at the time you signed up for service, your request will be placed on file. Please contact our Engineering Department at 1-800-992-3269, option 3, when you do begin to build.

If you have already started construction, our Engineering Department will contact you to schedule an appointment for an engineer to meet with you at the service location. During this visit, we will discuss with you the meter base location, type of service and service specifications. We will also answer any questions or address any problems or concerns that you have.

Follow the Clark Energy Specification Sheet provided by the engineer during the visit. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Engineering Department. A list of electrical inspectors by county will be provided. Electrical inspectors are regulated contractors of each county and are NOT employees of Clark Energy. You will need to contact your local electrical inspector when you are ready for a wiring inspection. The inspector will submit a copy of your Certificate of Compliance to us when the new service has been approved. The Certificate of Compliance informs us that it is okay for your new service to be turned on.