Right-of-Way Clearing Specifications

Clark Energy's right-of-way specifications call for clearing a 40' width on the main single-phase power lines (20' from each side of the center line) or 48' on multi-phase lines (24' from each side of center) with additional cutting of danger trees where required. A danger tree, dead or alive, is a tree that is considered likely to fall onto the main lines.

Service lines will be maintained in such a manner as to prevent the lines from rubbing against adjacent trees, but trees and limbs above the lines will not be removed as they are the responsibility of the landowner. Service lines will be temporarily removed at no cost if the landowner needs to cut any trees or limbs around service wires. Trees will not be trimmed around security lights.

Yard trees located under the main lines will be pruned back using directional pruning techniques that encourage the tree to grow away from the lines. An 8' clearance will be maintained below the main line neutral. Trees will not be rounded or flat-topped during pruning.

Is permission of the property owner necessary before doing tree work?

Provision of right-of-way easements grant Clark Energy the authority to trim trees without property owner permission to provide for a safe and reliable electric system. However, Clark Energy respects the property of its member-owners and will notify the property owner of the need for tree work before trimming is done. In unusual or emergency situations, it may be necessary to trim trees without first notifying the property owner in order to restore service or eliminate safety hazards.

Storm-related trimming and debris.

When trees fall or break during or after a storm-related event that causes or prevents the restoration of power through Clark Energy's facilities, Clark Energy will perform the necessary pruning or removal to clear its facilities to restore power.

All debris during or after a storm-related power interruption--either within or outside--of Clark Energy's maintenance easement, will be left on the premises. The disposal of limbs and or stumpage, logs, brush are the responsibility of the property owner.

Keeping you informed.

We will make every attempt to inform our members before clearing our lines. You should receive a notice in the mail before any trimming begins. Work planners will attempt to meet with you personally to explain the work that needs to be done and to discuss your concerns. If a work planner cannot reach you, a door hanger will be left at your home explaining what trimming or removal will occur. Fee free to call our office at 1-800-992-3269, option 6, if you have questions or need more information.